Rogue Hoe Tool Line​

These hoes are made from recycled ag disc blades and they really do stay sharp.

Professional quality Rogue field and garden hoes, sidewalk scrapers, and wildland fire fighting/trail building tools are manufactured in the heart of the USA by PROHOE Manufactuing using the hardened steel of recycled agricultural disc blades.

Each Rogue Tool is still hand crafted. The grinding, welding and sharpening are all done by hand, and quality is still our most distinguishing characteristic. We still make all of our hoes from recycled agricultural disc blades. Not just because it is an environmentally friendly thing to do, but also because it is the best tempered steel for the job. In fact, we feel confident that our Rogue field hoes are the strongest hoes made in the USA. Rogue Tools by Prohoe Manufacturing are in use in gardens from Washington to Florida. Thousands are in use by cotton growers, seed corn producers, and sugar beet and grape producers throughout the United States and Canada.
Garden-hoes and weeders

Too many weeds in your garden? Well, what you need is a garden weeder from Barnyard Products. Our weeders are the some of the best in the market and they're made by some of the most trusted names in the business. Our garden weeders are sturdy, long lasting and versatile, which means you can handle any kind of weeding task. Plus, you'll get to see some great results as well.
The same goes for our Garden Hoes as well. They are perfect for multitasking and you can find several models at Barnyard Products to suit your specific requirements and methods.