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Made in The USA - Bully Tools - American Made - Specialty Gardening Tools

Bully Tools has done it again with some of the hardest to find specialty garden tools. So if you are looking for a Bulb Planter,  Root Cutter,  Ripping Edger,  Garden Trowel, or a Transpanting Trowel, you have hit the jackpot. These Made in USA garden tools come from a little town in northeast Ohio and come with a limited Life Time Warranty. So if you are thinking you need a bulb planter that comes in post hole style or a 3" bulb planter with a steel T-style handle we have it here !! How about a shrub rake or even a floral shovel and not to mention a transplant trowel or garden trowel, Bully Tools makes them all. And do not forget the edge ripper and root cutter they have them too. Remember Free Shipping on all gardening tools !!

Specialty Garden Tools
Do your gardening tasks more efficiently with the perfect tools for every job. Get our specialty garden tools today, make your garden and lawn maintenance easy, quick and enjoyable. Gardening can be the ideal hobby for the young or old but only when you have the ideal tools to get the right results from your hard work. At Barnyard Products we understand that conventional gardening supplies often fail to address your needs leaving you to improvise tools and solutions that may not give you the perfect outcomes.
Our specialty garden tools range covers every possible need of avid gardening enthusiasts as well as novices, allowing you to create the garden or lawn that you desire with the minimum investment of efforts and time. 
Our affordably priced products are guaranteed to be of impeccable quality, tried and tested by us personally to ensure that they can give you years of service.  Browse through our catalog and make your selection now.

Why Barnyard Products.Com

Experience- We have over 30 years combine experience with farm and ranch supply including operation of a family farm, Distribution Company, and we enjoy hobby gardening. 

Premium Quality- We do not sell any product that we have not personally tested and used. From quality farm and ranch supply to the best lawn and garden supply tools available.

Selection- We carry a small line of farm supplies and gardening supplies, most of them made in the USA. You never need to look elsewhere for premium farm supply and gardening tools.

Easy Ordering- Order on-line, by Phone, Fax, or Snail Mail.  

Premium Customer Service- We back up everything we sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

We are just a phone call away: 877.856.3062 or email us:  info@barnyardproducts.com


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