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Shac Envirronmental Pond Water,Spetic system and manure lagoon treatments.

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At SHAC® Environmental Products Inc., we focus on working with nature. Our septic system treatments accomplish this by using the many properties inherent in oxidized bituminous coal. SHAC® manure treatments are manufactured with a unique, proprietary process to assist in microbial bio-digestion and stabilization of conditions which are out of balance. For pond water treatments, septic system maintenance, and manure lagoons

The secret of a sustainable ecosystem is balance. Undisturbed, natural environments are in relative balance and have all of the essential components to be self-sustaining. A balanced environment uses and reuses every part of itself in a continuous cycle of growth, expiration, and renewal. In an ecosystem, bio-digestion of organic matter occurs naturally, returning nutrients to basic forms which are used again in the growth and reproduction of plants and animals. The bio-digestion of all organic matter is a natural microbial process involving many species of microbes working under healthy conditions. This 'circle of life' is a continuous process of environmental renewal for pond water treatments, spetic system treatments, and manure lagoon treatment.

SHAC® Products At Work

SHAC® products do not provide a 'quick fix' to symptoms of organic environmental problems. SHAC® products activate all levels of resident microbes, enabling the ecosystem to naturally regain its balance. Microbes require a proper diet of nutrients and minerals, minimal contamination, and favorable temperature and pH. SHAC® products stimulate microbial activity in three ways:

  • They provide a comprehensive micro-nutrient source for the many different species of microbes.
  • They provide activated carbon which attracts and neutralizes particles of chemicals and toxins that inhibit microbial activity.
  • They assist in balancing the pH of the system.

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