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DMI Heavy Duty Truck Hitches Made In USA !!

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Reciever Hitch | Flat Drawbar Hitch

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Truck Hitches and Tool Boxes

 The ‘ Quic‘n Easy' Receiver Hitches The original DMI heavy duty tow system was the first proximity receiver hitches on the market. It remains one of the most innovative designs in the world, and is the ultimate in towing systems for the recreational user. The ‘ Quic'n Easy' reciever hitch is the ideal tow package…
Truck Tool Box
A must have on every truck, this toolbox is a compact yet comprehensive kit that contains everything you may possibly need for your truck. In fact, this toolbox is spacious enough to let you store all the essentials and still have room to spare.  You can put away your spare tire safely here, well protected from the elements. The tool box is manufactured in aluminum to give you resilience and durability without adding extra weight. This single lid crossover box can be suspended from the side of your pickup truck so that it stays out of the way yet easily accessible in an emergency. Designed to open the full 90 degrees, it is easy to get things out of the box even when your hands are full working on your truck. Call us today to order this useful product or order online and we will send it you with our free shipping offer.

  • Heavy Duty Tube Style Receiver
  • SAE Rated Category IV Receiver Hitches

Perfect for light duty pickup trucks

  • Improved load distribution means your pickup truck remains level and more stable

Reduced Maintenance Costs, Improved Ride & Load Safety DMI receiver hitches...

  • The patented Tow Cushion System practically eliminates “Tow Shock”. Great for you and your passengers.
  • Stops and starts are firm and even, no more jerky starts
  • Ideal for Horses or other Livestock, fewer bumps and bruises

Next Farm and Ranch Supply Offers the ‘ Cush‘n Combo' ™Drawbar hitch

Rig your truck for heavy haulin'…

United Truck Parts developed the Super Heavy Duty Cush'n Combo drawbar hitch to address the needs of the work truck. The added security of a 1” solid steel Drawbar along with guide surfaces designed for a heavier workout gives the SAE rated Category V Cush'n Combo an extra margin of capacity for moving heavier loads. Versatility to match your load…

  • Drawbar hitch
  • Clevis
  • Pintle Hook
  • Ball
  • Up to 2,000 lb tongue weight capacity**
  • Up to 14,000 lbs of towing capacity**

Safer towing with Less Wear and Tear with drawbar hitch ..

  • Deep On-Frame Mounting-Better Load Distribution
  • Exclusive Tow Cushion System
  • Reduced Load Shifts
  • Great for Livestock or other “Fragile” Cargo
  • Improved Stability, Reduces Driver Fatigue
  • Less Frame Fatigue and Lower Maintenance Cost

And the final Farm and Ranch Supply product is the DMI TireBox.. truck tool box

TireBox truck tool box is designed to securely stow your spare tire as well as give you room for the tools you need for the job. The Aluminum truck tool box single lid crossover box suspends from the sides of your pickup truck, leaving
room underneath. The lid opens to a full 90° for easy access and storage. With TireBox truck tool box , you will be able to store everything you need with room to spare!

Safety is Number 1 with UTP-DMI Towing Systems

Improved Towing Stability
Our load stabilizing design and the deep frame location of the UTP-DMI towing system offers a margin of towing safety not available from other heavy duty systems.

EZ Connections
The Famous Hook Up Window – Proximity of both the  Reciever Hitches and Drawbar Hitch with a huge 12” side to side swing and will extend up to 7”. No more risk of pinning someone between your vehicle and the trailer or equipment while trying to match your truck with your tow.

Better Weigh Distribution
Even Load Distribution and smooth starts and stops provides you with more vehicle control under load while reducing both jackknife and skid risks

Reduces Vehicle Wear and Tear
Vehicle Damage- no more jolts to your vehicles frame, brakes and transmission. Greatly reduces metal fatigue or catastrophic brake failure

Protects Your Cargo
Load Damage – Cushioned start ups and stops reduce load shift and protects Horses or other livestock from fall down bumps and bruises

Smooth Driving
Better Ride means reduced driver fatigue for safer over the road haulin

The ‘ Quic‘n Easy' ™ Receiver Hitches

The ‘ Cush‘n Combo' ™Drawbar Hitch

The DMI TireBox.. Truck Tool Box

All from UTP-DMI

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