20 Ft Windmill -  Pond Aeration Windmill - Free Shipping
20 Ft Windmill -  Pond Aeration Windmill - Free Shipping
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What does a Pond Aerator do, or why do you need one? A pond that is not properly maintained in most cases has poor quality water. When you see a filthy, dirty, or smelly pond, there is a problem. The cause is due to low oxygen and too much bacteria in the water caused by water run-off and ground water which has a lot of minerals in it. These multiply in the pond with the help from sunlight which causes plant growth in the water.

During a winter kill, these plants die off and sink to the bottom to be decomposed. Decomposition takes oxygen. The oxygen in water does not go down much further than three feet from the surface. That is why some ponds have sludge on the bottom. Thses plants sink to the bottom partially decomposed and lay there creating an anaerobic (a non-oxygen using) bacteria that further decomposes the plant. By doing this it releases hydrogen sulfide gas and contaminates the water. This anoxic condition is in fact the black smelly water. According to the DNR, aerating your pond is the best treatment. This helps avoid using chemicals which can in turn cause other problems. Let's go natural!

It is a small price to pay for a healthy pond with quality clear water and faster growing fish. To prevent the severity of winterkill and die-off, use a WINGARD AERATOR WINDMILL and start enjoying you pond!

Windmill Specifications:
Aluminum Structure .090 gauge - 1"x1" tubing- stainless steel nuts and bolts
60 inch fan - stainless steel shaft
Anchors included - no cement necessary
Red Decal Tape on tips
Capacity - (approx.) 3 cu. ft / min. @ 15 mph
1 Diffuser
100 ft. polyethelene 1/2 inch air line
Start-up (approx.) - 3 mph wind
Automatic slow-down in high wind
Direct Drive
Pumper - heavy duty air bag
Stroke - 1.25 inch
Very low maintenance and long lasting

REMEMBER: Stainless steel and aluminum will never rust. No rust means no painting... ever!
Made in America !!

20 Ft Tall To top of Fan Base of Tower 84 inches
Includes all stainless steel bolts and nuts Anchors Included to secure to the ground
Structure Tubing 1" x 1" .090 Gauge Aluminum Strength and Long Life
Features Benefits
60" Inch Aluminum Fan with Red Tips and Tail Fin Decal Tape Will never fade or rust and never needs painting !!
All Aluminum and Stainless Steel Bolts and Nuts. No Rust !! No Paint !!
Shipped By LTL Carrier in Three Boxes Easy Assembly !! Everthing is included
Wind Speed Brake Slows Fan at 125 RPM
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