Food Plot Seed-Sweet Spot Southern- Zones 4-9-Bigger Racks-More Body Mass-Spring Planting- Free Shipping !!
Food Plot Seed-Sweet Spot Southern- Zones 4-9-Bigger Racks-More Body Mass-Spring Planting- Free Shipping !!
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Deer Food Plot Grass Seed For Bigger Racks and More Body Mass
SWEET SPOT - Southern Mix - Spring Planting Zones 4 - 9
Estabishes Quickly - Winters Well Creates a Fool Proof Food Plot Year after Year -
Delivers Complete Balance Nutrition - Perennial Wildlife Grass Seeds Pack in 10 lb bags plants 1/2 acre
Composition (Southern Blend)
50% Aber Echo Tetraploid Intermediate High Sugar Ryegrass
25% Dixie Crimson Clover
10% Yuchi Arrowleaf Clover
7% Winter White Clover
4% Daikon Oil Seed Radish
4% Purple Top Turnips
Planting Information (Southern Blend)
Planting rate: 15 lbs. / half acre
Product packaged in 15 lb. bags
Soil PH: 5.5-8.5
Cold tolerances Zones 4 - 9
In climate zones lower than 4, SucraSEED may not overwinter. Persistence can be greatly increased if plants are insulated by a snow cover.
In climate zones higher than 7, portions of the mix may perform as an annual. It may also be necessary to use Pasture Sweet'ner in the early fall.

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Features Benefits
Food Plot Improvement # High Sugar Grasses are extremely drought and cold tolerant. # The naturally quick growth rate of HSG's crowd out weeds and increase the appeal to wildlife. # The increased sugar levels occur naturally, and do not require extra fertilizer. # SucraSEED mixes rapid re-growth is extraordinary, delivering tremendous yields.
Financial Rewards Sweet Spot regenerates year after year, saving time and money over annual feed plot mixes.
Health and Nutrition * High Sugar Grasses improve digestibility and protein conversion. * Deer prefer HSG plots, which in turn leads to increased dry matter intake. * Sweet Spot boosts energy levels in deer and wildlife.
Environmental * Sweet Spot creates highly-sustainable food plots, reducing the need to disturb the soil by replanting year after year. * Ruminant animals feed on HSGs are shown to emit up to 24% less nitrogen in urine and feces.
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