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A pitchfork is an agricultural tool with a long handle and long, thin, widely separated pointed tines (also called prongs) used to lift and pitch (throw) loose material, such as hay, leaves, grapes, dung or other agricultural materials. Pitchforks typically have two or three tines. Other similar types of manure forks may have up to six tines with different lengths and spacing depending on purpose. They are usually made of steel with a long wooden handle, but may also be made from wood, wrought iron, bamboo, alloy etc. In some parts of England a pitchfork is known as a prong and, in parts of Ireland, a sprong refers to a 4 pronged pitchfork. The pitchfork is similar to the shorter and sturdier garden fork. They are aslo know as manure forks. For heavier use in your garden or small farm fields there is also a broadfork. Using a Broadfork the operator steps up on the crossbar, using full bodyweight to drive the tines into the ground, then steps backward while pulling backwards on the handles, causing the tines to lever upwards through the soil. This broadfork action leaves the soil layers intact, rather than inverting or mixing them, preserving the topsoil structure.

In Europe, the pitchfork was first used in the early Middle Ages, at about the same time as the harrow. The pitchfork was originally made entirely of wood; today, the tines are usually made of hard metal.

So many different uses and names, Pitchfork, Manure fork, Garden fork, Stonefork, Broadfork, and Super forks, comes in many size, widths, handle lenghts, and tines. So choose one or more of these made in american garden tools for all your farm and garden needs.

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Stall Forks- Broad Fork
Personally tested by us for strength and resilience, our stall forks are manufactured from the finest quality steel, heat treated and hardened steel. Ideal for digging even in heavy clay soil the tines of these broad forks move in through the soil without impairing the soil structure.     Our stall forks are not just for soil work; they are the ideal gardening tool for lifting and pitching tasks when you need to move loose material like hay or leaves. The distance between the tines or prongs pays a crucial factor in making your job easier and effortless and we pay special attention to this factor when we test these stall forks before bringing them to you.
Our experience of over 30 years in this arena is a huge asset in this respect, giving us the expertise, the experience and knowledge to evaluate how useful a gardening product is and whether or not its design makes it perfect for the job. This is evident in the care we take to ensure that the stall forks are perfectly designed for easy use as well. The handle length, the length of  the stines or prongs, the material used to cover the handle- all of these are aspects we assess. Our objective is to only include in our range those stall forks or broad forks that give you maximum comfort and ease even if you use them for long hours of heavy, back breaking work in your garden or yard.
We cater to lawn and gardening needs as well as address the requirements of farms and ranches with our Made in America tools sourced from small business owners across the country. Our customer satisfaction guarantee, our commitment to only giving your world class quality and our policy of free shipping and market best pricing makes us the ideal online destination when you need quality gardening tools and supplies.

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