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GardenDrip Irrigation - 50' Kit - FREE SHIPPING !!!GardenDrip Irrigation - 50' Kit - FREE SHIPPING !!!
GardenDrip Irrigation - 100' Kit - FREE SHIPPING !!!GardenDrip Irrigation - 100' Kit - FREE SHIPPING !!!
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Garden Drip Irrigation -Irri -Gator -1000 Kit - FREE SHIPPING !!Garden Drip Irrigation -Irri -Gator -1000 Kit - FREE SHIPPING !!
Garden Drip Irrigation - Irri-Gator- 2000' Kit - FREE SHIPPING !!Garden Drip Irrigation - Irri-Gator- 2000' Kit - FREE SHIPPING !!
Galcon 3/4" Hose End Irrigation Timer with LCD Display FREE SHIPPING !!Galcon 3/4" Hose End Irrigation Timer with LCD Display FREE SHIPPING !!
100' Irri-Gator - Roll Drip Tubing (no fittings)100' Irri-Gator - Roll Drip Tubing (no fittings)
Gator Fitting Pack SetGator Fitting Pack Set
Hose End Tee Filter- Irri-GatorHose End Tee Filter- Irri-Gator

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Garden Drip Irrigation Systems from the Irri-gator. Growing your own vegetables is a healthy and cost-effective alternative to buying them at the supermarket. However, many people don't have the time to drag a water hose to the garden manually every day. The solution is a drip irrigation kits. This type of drip irrigation kits can be quite complex for large areas with multiple vegetables growing in large gardens, but for the average home gardener, a very simple drip irrigation products for watering, from the Irri-gator is all that's needed. This drip irrigation products are ideal for watering vegetables, as it slowly drips irrigation with the available water directly onto the root system, delivering 90 percent of the water to the plant, and losing very little to runoff and evaporation. Get your drip irrigation and garden water hose supplies today !!

Drip irrigation: Water gardening
Are you looking for an effective and efficient way to water the plants in your garden? Are you tired of watering them manually everyday? Well, don't bother because the answer to your problem lies in drip irrigation. Drip irrigation is a watering technique that is highly efficient and also very cost-effective. In fact, it is very beneficial if you happen to live in an area where water can get scarce. Studies have even shown that drip irrigation results in an efficiency boost of 90% with regard to water absorption by plants. This quite an advantage, considering the fact that sprinklers only provide an absorption level of 65 to 75%. Plus, you also get to avoid evaporation and water runoff with this technique. The basic benefit of drip irrigation is that it allows you to direct the water to the most  important area of the plant, which happens to be the root zone.
Drip irrigation has been in use for quite some time, however, it was mainly a method followed for commercial nurseries and agricultural purposes. Now, thanks to developments in drip irrigation, it can be carried out in your own personal garden. You can now use drip irrigation for watering a range of plantations including vegetables, perennial gardens, shrubs, and even trees.
There are several benefits to using your own drip irrigation setup. For starters:

  • You can regulate water contact, which will help with the prevention of diseases among stems, fruits and leaves of plants.
  • It keeps the areas between plant rows dry, making them accessible and also, minimizing the growth of weeds.
  • The system is highly efficient, which means you save water, money, time, and effort.
  • It increases the effect of water even on grounds that are uneven.
  • It also prevents water and nutrient leaching below the root zone.
The setup is also quite simple. All you have to do is place the water emitters with their tubing on the ground right along with the plants. These emitter will then gradually allow the water to pass through into the ground or soil. One could say that the water is allowed to drip into the ground. Eventually, this water reaches the root zone, resulting in the growth of high quality plants.
So, if you're tempted to setup a drip irrigation unit of your own, just visit Barnyard Products to pick and choose your drip irrigation kit. Barnyard Products has everything from hoses to filters for your drip irrigation project.

What is Drip irrigation?

Also called trickle irrigation, is a method of watering garden plants and flowers. A drip irrigation system carries water directly to the base of each individual plant, where it drips slowly, so that less water is wasted. Drip systems are often used in farms and large gardens, but are equally effective in your home garden. Drip irrigation kits are easily customizable and can be set up even by inexperienced gardeners Putting a drip system into your garden is a great do-it-yourself project that will ultimately save you time and help your plants grow.


Drip in many cases, is an ideal watering method. It saves water and fertilizer, while reducing soil erosion and nutrient leaching, by directing water only to where it is needed. It can be used in irregular, non-level gardens. Most importantly, for many gardeners, it saves time, labor, water, and energy.


Drip irrigation's disadvantages are mostly related to maintenance. Because there are many components involved, parts will occasionally need replacing---or they'll come loose, causing water waste. The cost of the some materials can make drip systems expensive to set up. Systems can clog when using unfiltered water or when lacking regular maintenance. No worry !! The Irrigator kit includes a filter system and parts are inexpensive.

Lawn and garden irrigation- 150
Watering your lawn or garden can be a time consuming process, but with our world class irrigation systems, you can get the job done efficiently without investing your valuable time in it. That’s not all the benefit you get when you choose to have our drip irrigation system installed; we ensure that your garden/ lawn gets the water it needs, while eliminating water wastage completely too.
Our Irri-Gator system carries the adequate amount of water right to the base of the plant, irrigating it most efficiently. Equally effective for your home garden or a large farm, the drip irrigation system is the perfect time and cost saving choice for you.
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