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YardFork - BagMaster

YardFork - BagMaster - Best Two Tools For Raking Leafs

Leaf Rake - Mulch Fork - Free Shipping !!Yard work made easy !! This light weight yard fork has many uses. Pick up mulch, leaves, bush trimmings,pine needles, grass clippings and more. It is also a great rake !! Made in the USA of lightweight composite with strong reinforced tines and lacquered maple handle with comfort rubber grip makes for a great lawn rake. No more bending over !! Great for mulch,silage,hay,straw grass clippings,pine needles,yard trash,lawn,bush trimmings,the gardening tool use by gardeners as a leaf rake. Patented


I used the Yardfork for the first time last weekend and was extremely pleased with its performance. This is a great heavy-duty but lightweight garden tool that is perfect for gathering and shoveling/scooping up leaves and other loose debris from my south Florida lawn. No more bending over to pick up the leaves. A tremendous time and back saver. It is also a very useful rake that is unique from other garden rakes because of the Yardfork's relatively straight tines. Because it can be used to rake up leaves and pick them up, the Yardfork is a very efficient garden tool. In person, the Yardfork appears to be practically indestructible.
Gregg G
Use our garden rakes to clean up your yard and get ready for summer! Out landscape rake is of the highest qualtiy and when you buy a yard rake from us you'll get an affordable price. Our garden rakes will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.
Along with a yard rake for YarFork, you may need a garden hoe also !!!
Order Your Yardfork Today !!!

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