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Galcon 3/4" Hose End Irrigation Timer with LCD Display FREE SHIPPING !!Galcon 3/4" Hose End Irrigation Timer with LCD Display FREE SHIPPING !!Product Information -Galcon 3/4" Hose End Irrigation Timer with LCD Display DIG 3/4" Hose End Irrigation Timer with LCD Display Features: 3/4" FHT inlet and MHT outlet 6 buttons with large integrated liquid crystal display - Easy to read AM/PM clock - FREE SHIPPING - So ORDER NOW !! - Save Water -Save Money - Save Time !!!
Garden Drip Irrigation -Irri -Gator -1000 Kit - FREE SHIPPING !!Garden Drip Irrigation -Irri -Gator -1000 Kit - FREE SHIPPING !!A Gator-1000 Drip Irrigation Kit contains 1000' roll of drip tubing, 50' poly distribution tubing (no orifices), 8 perma-loc tees, 2 perma-loc elbow, 2 perma-loc coupling, 1 regulator/tee screen assembly and an installation instruction sheet. ORDER NOW to get ready for the dry summer season. Easy to Install. Plus you get FREE SHIPPING !! Add a Water Timer to save even more water and to avoid over watering your plants & SAVE more money !!
GatorHyde Drinking Water Safe Garden Hose - 1/2 x 100 ft  - Free ShippingGatorHyde Drinking Water Safe Garden Hose - 1/2 x 100 ft - Free Shipping* Non-Toxic and Drinking Water Safe * A "Green" garden hose - made with 50% recycled polyurethane * Up to 2 times lighter than leading garden hoses * Up to 3 times tougher than leading garden hoses * All season flexibility * Kink free * Limited Lifetime Warranty * Made in the USA Specifications Inner Diameter 1/2 inch Pressure 200 psi working - 600 psi burst Temperature Range -20 F to 165 F
Lawn Sprinkler - Rain Tower - Free ShippingLawn Sprinkler - Rain Tower - Free ShippingSprinkler and Dual Height Stand Adjust to 41" or 72" Height Plus Free Shipping The Raintower is the ideal sprinkler for homeowners and gardeners alike. Its stand adjusts to either 41" or 72" height settings. This allows you to provide gentle rain irrigation on lawns, gardens, flowers and shrub beds without shadowing (dry spots) caused by shrubs and other obstacles. Lawn Sprinkler - Rain Tower - Free Shipping

Save More Water With Drip Kits and Water Hoses

Drip Irrigation - Garden WateringDrip Irrigation - Garden WateringThe Irri-gator Drip Irrigation System is designed to save you time and water which will save you money. Garden Irrigator kits come in several sizes 50' starter drip kit, 100' kit, 250 ft kits, 1000 foot kit, and 2000' drip kits.These flower drip irrigation systems provide easy installation with design plans and instruction as well as irrigation supply, extra drip tubing and connections. Discount irrigation supplies available for large wholesale orders on all drip kits. Drinking Water Safe Garden HosesDrinking Water Safe Garden HosesPremium Garden Water Hose | Made in The USA | GatorHyde | Drinking Water Safe Hoses
These garden water timers not only save you water they also save you time and money !! Our garden water timers are of the
highest quality and when you buy a digital water timer from us you'll get a price you'll love. Browse
through our water times today.
10 tips for saving water.
1. The layout of your garden is important to saving water usage. When setting the footprint of your garden think about where the water will run off. Running water naturally into a garden bed will keep more water in the garden.
2. Group plants according to their water needs, allowing for a more efficient watering usage.
3. Using a good mulch and thick layer can prevent up to 70% water loss.
4. Watering the highest parts of your garden first to utilize any run off.
5. Dig a small trench around trees to hold water and use a digital water timer to shut off water to stop excessive usage.
6. Water roots, not leaves with a drip irrigation system.
7. Water lawns with sprinkler only when needed and early in the morning to stop evaporation loss
8. Aerate soil to allow for more water penetration.
9. Cut lawns higher. Taller grass holds water better.
10. Select drought resistant grasses and plants.

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