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Made in USA Asphalt and Concrete Tools by Bully Tools

We carry a Large Selection of Asphalt Paving Tools as well as Tools for Concrete. These High Quality Asphalt Hand Tools are made in the USA by Bully Tools come with interchangeable rake heads which are bolted on for extra stability. The 16" Asphalt Rake comes with a two-peice fiberglasd handle using 7 gauge steel and 14 tines. We also carry 30" Asphalt Lute and 36 " Asphalt Lutes with 14 gauge bolted on head along with 30" and 36" Serrated Lutes. Other Tools include Concrete Placer, Mortar Hoe, and Mason Hoes. All these tools for concrete are on sale now.
Our comprehensive range of asphalt and concrete Bully tools come with our quality assurance. Made in America, these tools are designed for the American user and manufactured with premium quality materials to offer reliable service. All of the asphalt and concrete tools we offer come with steel heads and have fiber glass handles that make them lightweight, without compromising their strength or resilience to wear and tear. The flex grip makes it easy to use these tools continuously for hours without discomfort or injury.
The Bully tools warranty: We deliver defect-free Made in America products that are manufactured in line with our specifications. All the tools under our brand come with repair/ replacement guarantee to cover manufacturing defects. Any Bully Tools product that fails within the lifetime of the purchaser will be covered by this guarantee (at no extra cost). Any tool that fails to perform as promised, under normal work conditions and correct usage can be taken back to wherever it was bought from for replacement/ repair, provided it is accompanied by the original sales receipt. For our new line of commercial  digging tools with wood filled fiber glass handles, we offer unconditional warranty to cover handle breakage.
Asphalt and concrete tools
Are you looking  for the right kind of Asphalt and Concrete Tools? They you've definitely come to the right place. At Barnyard Products, we have all the right kind of Asphalt and Concrete Tools that you'll need as a contractor. We provide Asphalt and Concrete Tools from every major brand on the planet and we also have a separate inventory for specialized Asphalt and Concrete Tools as well. From lutes, rakes, and seal coat appliers to finishers and power tools, Barnyard Products has everything under the sun to meet the requirements of your Asphalt and Concrete projects.

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Experience- We have over 30 years combine experience with farm and ranch supply including operation of a family farm, Distribution Company, and we enjoy hobby gardening. 

Premium Quality- We do not sell any product that we have not personally tested and used. From quality farm and ranch supply to the best lawn and garden supply tools available.

Selection- We carry a small line of farm supplies and gardening supplies, most of them made in the USA. You never need to look elsewhere for premium farm supply and gardening tools.

Easy Ordering- Order on-line, by Phone, Fax, or Snail Mail.  

Premium Customer Service- We back up everything we sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

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